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Fall Colours

The forest will soon be a mix of green, yellow and red with some orange and even purple here and there. Bring your camera with you and get out on the road. Traveling through Killarney at this time of year means some great photo opportunities. The blaze of colours along the shores of a deep green lake is something that makes for a great image. Wildlife are also in an active phase and they are often more visible at this time of year

It’s late September and the autumn equinox signals that the warm days of summer will soon be just a memory. The nights are getting longer. There is a coolness in the evening and by dawn perhaps a sharpness to the air that hints the first frost isn’t far off. You need not mourn the passing of summer because Mother Nature has a glorious show in store for you. With the onset of colder weather just around the corner, the leaves will soon display their fall colours, exploding in a kaleidoscope of breathtaking oranges, reds and yellows.It’s time to make preparations for your trip so that you don’t miss the opportunity to experience this exciting show.